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Writing of the Week


When I bite into a tomato, the flavor explodes,

Reminding me of the ones Grandpa used to grow.

Big and red with taste so sweet,

And how much Grandpa loved to eat.

Sometimes he’d grow little ones to pop in your mouth,

They’d explode with juices all flowing south.

We’d toss them in the air and catch with no hands,

Sometimes with a slingshot and big rubber bands.

Grandpa made tomatoes so much fun,

And, there was always enough for everyone.

I learned to share from my grandfather’s joy,

By sharing tomatoes with each girl and boy.

Mehgan’s Mom

Sitting with dignity, while the eyes of the world looked on,

You’d done your part, you have passed the baton.

Your daughter now was a gift to all,

But still we watched you, with reverence and awe.

Beaming with pride, keeping your composure somehow,

You taught her to be a lady, and she’s a duchess now.

Remembering each encouraging word you said,

So your daughter would never hide her head.

Handling the spotlight from your place in the pew,

Allowing Mehgan’s grace and charm to shine through.

An incredible example of who you are,

By bringing your little girl this far.

You will now return to a life of anonymity,

As you continue to be an example of grace and dignity.

No other title, but “Mother of the Bride,”

Doria Ragland, you can be filled with pride.

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