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Writing of the Week

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Nature allows us to experience the world, in ever changing ways.

Exploring nature, we find new adventures every single day.

Sharing with friends and family each discovery opens doors,

Creating moments that take you where you’ve never gone before.

Inspiration expands our imagination, Ideas become new creations,

Every tree, every grain, telling a different story of determination.

New trees are planted, so the circle is complete,

Giving back to nature, so it never will deplete.

The beauty of remote forests, inspires our thoughts and minds,

Allowing each watch we make, to give birth to a new design.

Spend a night under the stars, see what you’ve never seen.

Allow that memory to fill your life and chase your greatest dreams.

A Children's Journal for African children around the World

A winery in southern Australia, will soon be releasing this wine with my poetry on the label. Here is their website.

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