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Writing of the Week

The next day it was "discovered" and became part of a winter newsletter for Edward Jones in Alabama.


Many of us are dreamers, in 2018 become doers.

Make your thoughts actions and become pursuers.

Don’t make resolutions without an action plan.

The secret to success is right in your hands.

Thomas Edison discovered more than 1000 ways, to not invent a bulb of light,

But eventually, through perspiration, he found the solution to get it just right.

If he had stopped at nine hundred ninety-nine,

You’d be reading in the dark, and might miss a line.

Take the first step, do something outrageous,

The act of doing, will become quite contagious.

Accomplishments will come closer each day,

Don’t just wish, but act and pray!

Don’t let pride ever cause you to stumble,

Baby steps are still progress and keep us humble.

It’s better to move slowly then to turn or hide,

Keep your eyes focused, let God be your guide.

At the end of the year, you’ll discover you’ve been moving,

Much closer to the goals, you have always been pursuing.

It won’t all happen on January one,

But with faith, hope, and action, you will get the job done.

Zuri's new favorite line "One more time."

Cheryl Shaw, Undercover Santa and Krista Layman

Cheryl Shaw, Undercover Santa, and Krista Layman

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