Writing of the Week

I will be on the air as the only guest on this talkshow November 12, at 8 pm est. It is a call-in radio show (561) 623-9429, so feel free to listen or call in. I will be talking about my recent work as a lyricist for the Fairytale Choir in Birmingham, England. Also, I will share news about my four children's books and other writings. As you might imagine, I am excited for this opportunity and enlist your prayers that I may say the "write" words. God has opened up this new door for me and I want to be sure to include Him as the author of my story.


I have been chosen to provide the lyrics for a children's musical in the UK. It will be based on Cinderella and will be performed in Birmingham, England on June 27, 2020. Five of the songs lyrics have already been completed, with approximately ten more to go. Nina Wertz will be arranging the vocal score and will be directing the "Fairytale Choir." This has been an incredible experience so far and I cannot wait to see the results in June.

My latest book was finally released in paperback August 1st.

"Fuzzy Frogs and Slippery Bears" is now available to purchase on Amazon. Go to J. Allen Shaw on Amazon or visit my newly designed

Website; Jallenshaw.com for easy one click connections to this and

my other three books. The kids are going back to school and will be ready for reading adventures! This is the most imaginative and colorful book that Sadiqa and I have come up with yet. It is fun for Grandparents and parents to read and a delight for even the youngest children to explore the vibrant colors.


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